Lifestyle Fundraising Movement

Lifestyle Fundraising® is a new movement that aims to address the world’s most challenging issues by embedding charitable fundraising into our daily activities and hobbies.

We believe fundraising, togetherness and fun go hand in hand. So, we are launching the Chatraise App to help you connect with like-minded people based on your location and the common activities you like. Then, together participate in fundraising experiences that fit your lifestyles.

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About the Chatraise App

Coming soon… Stay tuned!

Create Events

As a host, organise private or public fundraising events for free

Attend Event

As an attendee, find and join events of your interest around your area


Discover more than 100,000 charities and support your favourite cause


Create and join communities of like-minded people, based on shared activities and causes


Create your own personal profile with your interests and the causes you support


Receive information about events around your area that match your lifestyle

Get a taste of Lifestyle Fundraising Events


Get creative with others and start a workshop such as pottery making, drawing or baking.


Organise and join Karaoke nights, gigs and festivals while supporting a good cause.

Work Socials

Support a good cause with team-based activities such as a Christmas party or networking events.


Get a group together and visit your local museums and exhibitions; explore and learn together.

Body and Mind

Practice yoga, Tai Chi or meditate in a park. Alternatively, draw mantras or enjoy a gong bath at a hut in the countryside.


Join tennis tournaments, paddle races and cycling events; have fun while making a difference.


If you like the outdoors, take part in organised hiking, climbing and walking events or arrange a horseback riding trip.

Intellectual Activities

Join book clubs or challenge your brain with activities such as chess tournaments, quiz nights and escape rooms.

We are committed to best practice in fundraising and to abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice