A new way of fundraising

At Chatraise we help your charity to expand supporters and develop a brand new income stream so it can focus on what matters most. Its cause!

No monthly subscription

No set-up fees

5 Reasons to partner your charitywith Chatraise

1. More supporters

We don’t target bungee jumpers, marathon runners and skydivers. We promote your charity to a completely new audience of everyday people.

2. A new stream of income

By simplifying fundraising we extend the number of fundraising ideas and thus the frequency of fundraising events.. This creates a brand new income stream for your charity.

3. No fundraising packs

Let's save a few trees... Let's save some time... Let's make things easier...

4. Reduce fraud

Cash-based fundraising events are attractive to organised fraudsters and can damage your reputation. At Chatraise we have solved this problem by digitalising the process.

5. Security

All donations are saved in our Ring-Fenced Barclays Account before being transferred to your charity, so they are 100% secure.

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