Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea; Britain’s favourite habit can now become the perfect way to raise money for a good cause through Chatraise. Use our app to arrange an outing with your friends and at the same time raise money for a charity!

Britain has an array of venues where you and your friends can indulge in various teas and snacks. Why not visit your favourite High Street tea room or downtown hotel and enjoy an afternoon of both tea and shopping? Or forego the shopping and make afternoon tea a proper affair. Find that extra special independent tea room where you and friends can savour the various blends and homemade delicacies while catching up to the latest news.

For something a bit more unconventional we would suggest tea on a specialist London tour bus! Drink tea and enjoy the best sights the capital has to offer.

If you have a flair for making delicious pancakes, biscuits, sandwiches and other treats why not invite your friends over for tea at your house?

Sit back, enjoy and at the same time make a difference by supporting a good cause.

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