Book club

 Well, it’s true that we love reading here! From contemporary fiction to fantasy and science fiction, we are spoilt for choice! And you have your favourite books for sure. Wouldn’t it be great to share them with others while also finding new ones to explore? And while getting to know new people and new literary worlds, why not fundraise for a charity and help your chosen good causes to reach a happily ever after?

Maybe you are already part of a book club, or you want to start your own with like minded people. You can use Chatraise to find people who, like you, enjoy reading; and all together you can explore your favourite novels and discuss your thoughts about their stories. You can even choose a good cause to support that aligns with the themes of the works that you are reading!

But to have these discussions, a quiet place is important. You can opt for a local library, bookshop or college that welcomes reading groups. Alternatively, you can use Chatraise to find a quiet café and bar to meet – or you can even host it at someone’s home! Once the venue is found, use the in app-chat to agree on the books that you will all be reading prior to meeting!

What better feeling than sharing and discussing your favourite literary works, socialising and making a positive difference at the same time? Use the Chatraise app and make it happen!

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