Boys night out

What better opportunity to hang out with your mates than by turning your catchup into a fundraising event? Use the Chatraise app to invite them out while raising funds for a charity. We love our other halves but sometime we just need to be with our mates only.

If you just feel like having a nice cold beer and relaxing then a local pub is a great place to invite your friends. Drink, talk and enjoy each other’s company, and even catch the latest game on TV.

If you’re feeling a little bit peckish why not invite your mates out for a nice dinner? The UK has some of the best burger joints and pizza places so take your pick.

If you’re in the mood for games then all you need is crisps, drinks and the telephone number of your closest take out place. Invite your friends over and have a blast! If there’s a good match on TV then all the better. If not, there’s always some sort of console around or even card games. Let the best man win.

Only Chatraise can turn a boys night out into a fundraising event!

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