Coffee morning

Most people cannot function without coffee in the morning. Why not turn this habit into a fundraising event? Use the Chatraise app and invite your friends to donate in an easy and above all quick way.

All across the UK, one can find coffee houses on every street. Choose a coffee place you love and invite your friends to join you for coffee, snacks and casual morning conversations. Pressed for time during the week? Sundays are a great day to arrange such an event, when everyone is relaxed and has time to enjoy their day.

A great alternative to a coffee house would be to arrange a coffee morning at home. It can be tons of fun. You can bake or you can source those delicious side bites but don’t forget: you need to have ample coffee, milk and sugar!

If you and your friends have children then all the better. You can sit all the youngsters round a table where they can enjoy juice, cupcakes and poptarts.

Start the day with a great cup of coffee in good company, get up to speed with the latest happenings from your circle of friends, and help make a positive difference in the world by supporting a good cause.

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