Do you feel creative today? Do you like making things from scratch? Get crafty and at the same time fundraise through the Chatraise app.

There is a huge variety of hobbies people have; and people with creative and artistic disposition and flair choose to put their skills into making something unique using their hands. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, pottery, wood carving, tatting, jewellery making and cake decorating are just a few examples.  

What a great idea to get together and knit a scarf, a hat, or a baby blanket over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a cake! What about making a crochet sweater or sewing a toiletries bag as you fancy?

Another idea could be gathering at a friend’s house and making your own jewellery using a range of materials and colours – why not even sell them afterwards to raise even more money?

Alternatively, going to a ceramics cafe to get an imprint of your babies’ hands and feet or a pottery class with colleagues can be fun bonding experiences.

Be creative, sociable and donate money for a good cause of your choice!

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