Dinner party

A delicious meal and good wine definitely bring people closer. You can invite your friends to a lovely dinner and turn it into a fundraising event all through the Chatraise app.

There are myriads of restaurants in Britain to choose from when it comes to dining out. If you and your friends are fans of international cuisine then take your pick. There are the classics that include French, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Arabic and Italian, or you can go for something a bit less mainstream such as Russian, Greek, Malay or Jamaican.

If you’re more into fast food then not to worry. The pizza places, burger joints and steak houses available are to die for, and fast food does not mean poor quality. Another great alternative is a nice traditional meal at your local pub.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy cooking, then why not show off your skills and invite your friends over for a meal? There are loads of sites and cooking shows you can get inspiration from. And don’t forget to end your meal with a good dessert. May we suggest a nice chocolate souffle?

Whether you stay home or eat out, Chatraise gives you the chance to have fun and raise money for a good cause.

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