Drinks & chat

If you’re planning a night out, what better way to spend your evening than drinks at the pub with your mates? And why not combine drinks at the pub with fundraising?

Just use the Chatraise app, arrange an outing with your friends, and raise money for a charity at the same timeFrom top notch beer to delicious food, British pubs really do have a lot to offer.

If you are the traditional type, you may want to opt for a cosy, rustic pub with wooden decor and a magnificent fireplace. There are several historic pubs across the UK that you and your friends can visit, some of them dating back to the 12th century!

For a break from your regular haunt you can try one of the many gastropubs now offering an array of exquisite dishes made with fresh ingredients by top chefs, ideal even for business lunches and after work drinks.

If, on the other hand, all you and your friends want to do is drink till you drop, not to worry! Arrange a pub or bar crawl, enjoy the finest beer and drinks around and have one of the best nights out with your friends. Why not? After all you’ll be socially drinking and raising awareness and funds for a good cause!

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