Games night

It’s games night tonight and all your friends are coming over to play. Why not invite them via the Chatraise app and turn this into a fundraising event? It’s simple to use and above all quick. You can even make game rules that include donations via Chatraise.

Your night could include board games that tests your knowledge, physical flexibility or haggling skills (and luck! – damn you dice…) or a multiplayer marathon run on the latest console game released. But above all, they will bring fun and joy to your group. By fundraising and donating through Chatraise, you can help bring joy and make a difference where it is needed most by supporting the charity of your choice.

Here are also some tips that the Chatraise team has learned through years of game nights : Use plastic plates and cutlery. And have plenty of napkins or kitchen rolls!! If you want to go for the homerun and win that game, pace your liquor (unless of course the game calls for it). Make sure you have thought through the return home or sleeping arrangements.

Let the games begin!

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