House party

There are always reasons to have or go to a house party: birthdays, engagements, graduations, and now there’s one more: fundraising. Throw a party and invite your friends through the Chatraise app in order to turn any celebration, or desire for a fabulous time, into a fundraising event.

Is it your birthday? Then why not invite your friends over for a few drinks and some good music? This year, instead of gifts you can ask them to donate to a charity via Chatraise.

If it’s not your birthday but you still want to celebrate then not to worry. Theme parties are always fun. Dress up as your favourite TV show character, cartoon or actor. Another great idea would be Ancient Greek gods or even animals.

If you’re worried about what to accompany your drinks with then here’s a few ideas. You can either stick to the basics: crisps, dips and bread sticks or if you have a bit of time stick a few pizzas, mini cheese-pies and sausage rolls in the oven. If you’re more gourmet you can try making a few canapes or mini-sandwiches.

Whatever the reason you’re celebrating, Chatraise will help you use this as an opportunity to raise money for a good cause and effectively coordinate all the inviting!

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