Karaoke night

A different but definitely fun way to spend your evening is to invite your friends to a karaoke night. You can do so via the Chatraise app and help raise money for a charity of your choice.

You don’t have to be Frank Sinatra in order to enjoy a karaoke night. In fact it’s probably more fun if you’re not! There are plenty of bars across the UK that host karaoke evenings so just keep your eye out for the nearest one to you and book a table for you and your friends.

Don’t fret, laugh. Go up to the stage, sing for fun, and take heart; it’s being done for a noble cause. Just pick a song and off you go! No need to know the lyrics; they’ll be right there in front of you.

If you have a good voice and a flair for singing, some bars host karaoke competitions so you may want to consider looking into that as well. If you’re just starting your Karaoke escapades, and you don’t want an audience of strangers watching you, why not host a karaoke evening at your own house? There are plenty of sites online that have music and lyrics you can sing along to.

Sing, have fun, and fundraise, all through Chatraise!

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