Body and mind

Are you into the health and wellbeing of body, mind and soul? Reach your physical and mental apex alongside your friends while fundraising through Chatraise.

Daily life can be hectic and people try to find ways to feel calm and grounded through a variety of practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, praying, drawing, dancing or even going to the gym.

How about gather at a friend’s house, practice yoga and enjoy a cup of tea afterwards? Alternatively, you can meditate together in the park. What about practicing a Tai Chi form at your local community centre or even bringing together some colleagues to practice together those dance moves? Another idea could be drawing mantras or enjoying a gong bath with a group of friends at a hut in the countryside.

We all want to find and improve ourselves, physically and emotionally. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

Chatraise can help you in your quest of self realisation by assisting you in supporting the good causes of your choice.

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