Play date

A great idea for parents who want to fundraise and at the same time build memories with their children is to organise a play date event. Fortunately, the UK has a myriad of play date options available for you to choose from!

During the summer months, when it’s warm enough, you can arrange a day at the park and bring along water pistols or balloons your children can play with. Another activity both parents and children can enjoy during the summer is a day at the pool. Sit back with a nice cool fruit punch while your children splash around in the pool.

During the colder months, a visit to the science museum followed by lunch at the pub is a great way to entertain young children and at the same time very didactic. Another option is spending a day at the zoo, where your children can learn all about wild animals.

Cooking classes for toddlers, arts and crafts, boat rides, dress up parties. And the list goes on! All you need is imagination, high spirits, patience and a washing machine afterwards. And as for making a positive difference to the world you want your kids to inherit, donating through Chatraise can take care of that.

Integrate fundraising into your daily activities in a quick, easy and carefree way!

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