Whether it’s old colleagues, friends from high-school, your college roommates or teammates or your former choir group, it is always fun to reunite with people who were once part of your life. And why not make this reunion a fundraising event? Reminisce, laugh, have fun and at the same time help a charity raise funds for those in need.

Save time planning and inviting your friends by using the Chatraise app and getting everyone on board through the built-in group chat. People will appreciate this fundraising gesture and this will make your event even more exciting.

There are numerous places where you can host a reunion, depending on everyone’s likes: a cocktail bar, a pub, a restaurant in town, or maybe the place you used to hang out all that time ago.

No matter where you go, it is who you are with that matters, and what you do. Relive old memories and achievements and reminisce about these old good and funny (even embarrassing) times. And together, help make the world a better place by supporting your chosen charity through Chatraise.

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