Sleepover for a good cause!

With Chatraise, charity fundraising has never been easier. Just you, a couple of friends, a place, high spirits and you’re all set. Use our mobile app and even a casual Friday night sleepover can turn into a fundraising event!

When is the last time you invited your friends over to sleep? Hosting sleepover parties is always exciting because you can have fun with your friends from the comfort of your own home. No ‘what shall I wear?’ or ‘where shall we go?’ and no running to catch the night bus home (or paying a fortune to the taxis). All you need is supplies: crisps, dips, drinks, movies and the number of your nearest pizza place.

A group of guys will probably end up playing console games, watching football and enjoying the latest action or superhero movie. As for girls a late night pampering session is always fun. Experiment with hair dyes, nail polish and make-up or try a moisturizing beauty mask.

What are you waiting for? Use Chatraise and arrange a fundraising sleepover tonight!!

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