August 25, 2019|8 Minutes

The official launch of Chatraise BETA App is here!

We have just completed the ALPHA period, and we are now launching our brand new BETA release.

What Is The Vision?

Our vision is to use the Chatraise platform in order to kick start a global Lifestyle Fundraising movement! A movement that will help us address the world’s most challenging issues by making charitable giving fun and accessible to our lifestyles.

What Is The Chatraise Platform?

Chatraise is a community-based platform that lets you connect with like-minded people around your area and create or join fundraising experiences that fit your lifestyles.

So, fundraisers create events, such as workshops, yoga sessions and book clubs. Then people around their area can discover these activities in the platform, donate and join them.

What Did We Accomplish During the ALPHA Period?

Our ALPHA release was launched under controlled distribution in both the UK and Switzerland last year. With the support of ALPHA Testers as well as organisations such us INDIGO Fitness, Swiss Hybrid Challenge and Médecins Sans Frontières, we collected valuable feedback, verified new features and identified market needs.

So, what’s new on the BETA?

  • Communities: You now have the ability to create/join impactful, real-life communities. Either you are an individual who wants to connect with like-minded people or an organisation that wants to enhance their sense of community, our fundraising platform is the right tool for you.
  • Ticketing: We are now able to support bigger scale events such as competitions, festivals and concerts. Please note that for the moment, this feature is only launched under controlled distribution. So, although you might be able to find and purchase tickets for some events;  these events will be either organised by Chatraise or by our closed partners who have early access to this feature.
  • More Charities: You can now fundraise almost for any type of cause you care. The ALPHA release had a small selection of charities, but now we enable you to fundraise for any of our 100k+ listed charities.
  • More Accessible:  The BETA release is now moving from iOS and Android apps to a responsive web platform, making our service accessible to a bigger audience.
  • More Social: The BETA release in now supporting public events. This enables fundraisers to raise money easier, by outreaching donors, while at the same time it empowers everyone to have fun and live an impactful lifestyle.

What’s Next?

Throughout the lifecycle of the BETA release, you are going to notice multiple improvements. These include:

  • Matching algorithm: The platform will recommend you events and communities, based on your location and the activities that you love to do
  • Navigation: Ability to filter events and communities based on your location/distance as well as the activities and causes that you support
  • Privacy: Ability to create private events and communities
  • Dashboard: A dashboard for charities, with access to statistics and reports
  • Vouchers: Reward active users with donation vouchers

Join Our Movement

We welcome everyone to join our platform and our quest to bring people together, have fun and change the world in the process.

We have also created a public community of Lifestyle Fundraisers. The purpose of the community is to enable users to get in touch with us and share their ideas and feedback around the platform and the Lifestyle Fundraising movement.

The Lifestyle Fundraising community will be organising regular webinars, where you will have the opportunity to share your ideas with the co-founding team and the other members of the community.


The Chatraise Team